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Morning Star Children's Home for Orphans

Dear Friend ANN - A Letter From India

Dear Friend ANN,

How are you and your family..? We are all fine here. I'm really sorry for not mailing you these days.

We have some prayer requests: We were inspected by social welfare department of the Indian government. They wanted to know whether we have renewed the permission certificates or not for sanitary, fire rescue station certificate, building stability certificate, etc., which we have to have every year. Finally we got few certificates, in one or two weeks we will submit these certificates to social welfare department.

For past 25 years in our home, we never suffered from any diseases. But, this year all the children were affected by chicken pox. This made us to feel very upset. In Tamil Nadu, weather is too hot and some diseases are spreading. So, we cured them with cold food like tender coconut, butter milk and fruits so that it will make their body cool. Now all the childrenĀ are cured well by God's grace but right now my brother Titus is suffering from this disease.

We celebrated Christmas very well this year and we also took new dresses for the children from the money which you sent. We also paid the bank loan for the compound wall with the help of your money and by God's grace. We don't have any debts right now. We and MORNING STAR HOME children are very thank full to you and for your effort and to the Christ Church.

We have 29 children, 25 boys and 4 girls, from 5 to 15, with one boy older. He is studying diploma in electrician. In April, the children take their examinations to reach next level. Then 2 boys are going to take their public examination [Government exam] in March. This will help them to join either diploma courses or secondary schooling.

And I have a special request for my wife & also for my mom. My wife is 5 months pregnant. So kindly pray for us that nothing should happen like last time.

We have some needs, like we have to buy book rack for the children. We have planned to build another floor for the children. Please keep this in prayer too. Build another floor is expensive, we believe God will help us.

I will try to show your event program to our children through the website you have sent. So that children will be happy.

Thank you for your kind support and help.


Introduction to the Morning Star Children's Home for Orphans

Ann Feloy, a member of Christ Church, visited this orphanage in the Spring of 2011 and was so moved by the work one lady, her son and mother were doing to take care of so many children without any help from the State, that she told the church about the needs they have and we, as a congregation, are helping as much as we can.

In her own words...

“The Morning Star Children's Home for Orphans was started 14 years ago by an Indian couple who were working as teachers in the city of Chennai. They wanted to help the street children they saw living in abject poverty all around them and decided the only way was to start their own orphanage.

Moving south, the Millars found a house with some land in a small town called Mamallapurum, in the Tamil Nadu region, and set to work building some rooms where they could accommodate up to 28 boys and girls.

Accommodation is very basic. Children sleep on mats on the ground in two simple rooms - girls in one room and boys in another. They roll their mats up during the day, so that the two rooms can become classrooms. Each room has a blackboard - that's all the equipment the school owns.

There are no tables and chairs, so for meals the children sit on the ground outside and eat. The bathroom consists of just an outdoor shower.

Three generations of the Millar family run the orphanage. Mr. Millar died earlier this year leaving his wife to continue running the school with her son, Isacc. Her elderly mother cooks all the meals and watches over the children at meal-times. Nothing is ever wasted.

The Millars are Christians and for that reason they believe it is their duty to help others less well off, in particular the orphans, or untouchables.

They have created a small church at the orphanage where they hold school assemblies. Someone donated a drum kit!

Mrs. Millar says her husband was a very good man and devoted his whole life to the children. She receives no government support or financial help, whatsoever, but she is determined to carry on helping the children to give them the best chance she can in life.”

Morning Star Orphanage
Paiyanoor Village,
Kancheepuram District,
Tamil Nadu - 603 104

For a better view of the photgraph album, you may click on this link here.

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